PUT /v1/entityserve

NOTE: This method is not accessible to users on Starter Plan API keys. Please contact us if you want premium access to our service

HTTP Method: PUT

Path: /v1/entityserve

Authentication: API Key required

Description: Insert activity tracking information into the Central Index.


parameter type description required Example
API key string User API key
yes ertx563333ty6774ee3356
string Entity for which the tracking information is to be submitted
yes 405041741877248
country string Two-lettler ISO code of the entity's country
yes ie
event_type  ENUM The event to be recorded.  One of "bdp", "serps", "advert", "website", "social", "telephone", "gallery", "video", "mappin", "email", "document", "phonereveal" yes

Pseudo Sample Response:

    "success": true,
    "msg": "ok",
    "data": {
        "ok": true,
        "id": "a55b8f9cd2df6e45b83693209514f7dd",
        "rev": "1-11fdb09247ce60a8aa4bf7a4d45262ba"

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