GET /v1/token/report

HTTP Method: GET

Path: /v1/token/report

Authentication: API Key required

Description: Get a URL that allows a user to report incorrect information on an existing entity (Index Card) in the Central Index.


parameter type description Required
entity_id string The unqiue identifier of the entity to edit e.g. 379236608286720 Yes
portal_name string The name of the website that data is to be added on E.g. Your Local Yes
language string An ISO compatible language code. (Default is en) No

Sample Response:

    "success": true,
    "msg": "Token Url",
    "data": ""

The API call returns a URL which your user's browser can be redirected to, in order for them to report objects on the entity as incorrect

Because this is a key-specific URL, the Central Index knows when an object is reported via your application.

You can see an example of how this works here: Click on the "report a problem with this business" under the main contact details to see the report path in action.

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