Creating a sample request

Once you have played with the IO-Docs, you may wish to try some programmatic requests. One of the simplest ways of interacting with our API is to use your web-browser. 

Replace <api_key_goes_here> with your API key in the URL below and open it in your web-browser<api_key_goes_here>

As our API returns JSON, your browser may offer to save the response as a file. If you are using the Chrome browser, you can install the JSONView plugin keep the data in the browser and to format in a friendly form:

JSONVIew allows JSON items to be collapsed and expanded on request and it colours the keys and values according to the data types.

On a Unix/Linux/Mac command-line, the 'curl' command-line utility can be used instead of a browser e.g.

curl '<api_key_goes_here>'

where single quotes around the URL are used to prevent the question mark and ampersand in the URL being misinterpreted as a command-line instruction.



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