POST /v1/signal

NOTE: This method is not accessible to users on Starter Plan API keys. Please contact us if you want premium access to our service


Path:  /v1/signal

Authentication: API Key required

Description: Report incorrect information about



Parameter Type Mandatory Description Example
api_key string yes the user API key b66qw3edr56thhg
entity_id string yes The entity ID being manipulated
country string yes Two letter ISO-3166 country code
gen_id string no This is the id of the object that is being reported. This can be found in the entity object's data structure
signal_type collection
yes At the moment only "wrong" is supported

data_type collection yes One of  "name","background","employee","phone","fax","category","geopoint","invoice_address","tag","postal_address","email","website","image","logo","video","affiliate_link",   "description","document","testimonial","opening_times","special_offer","status",
inactive_reason collection no

This is only mandatory for "status" data_type. It can be one of "ceased trading",
"spam", "duplicate", "no business"

inactive_description string no Free text for additional information regarding a "status" signal


Sample Success Response:

    "success": true,
    "msg": "Signal added successfully",
    "data": {
        "ok": true,
        "id": "32ac546732589ce39209aac821bcb1c4",
        "rev": "1-341d8e189dbaf46515c085be21eb02a3",
        "signal": {
            "entity_id": "535239748251648",
            "country": "gb",
            "gen_id": "",
            "signal_type": "wrong",
            "data_type": "image",
            "masheryid": "centralindex",
            "ts": "2014-02-26T16:48:23 +00:00",
            "_id": "32ac546732589ce39209aac821bcb1c4",
            "_rev": "1-341d8e189dbaf46515c085be21eb02a3"

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