POST /v1/syndication/create

NOTE: This method is not accessible to users on Starter Plan API keys. Please contact us if you want premium access to our service


Path:  /v1/syndication/create

Authentication: API Key required, User ID required

Description: Syndicate an entity  to one of our syndication partners



Parameter Type Mandatory Description Example
api_key string yes the user API key b66qw3edr56thhg
_user_id string yes The user user_id ax34er6tt65edr
publisher_id string (accepts comma-separated list)  yes The id (or ids) of the syndication parther   w4wer445t5gpo688
entity_id string yes The entity ID to be syndicated 45679321234
country string yes Two-letter ISO 3166 code of the country of the entity gb
expiry_date date yes expiry date of the syndication contract 2014-05-06
syndication_type string yes Only "single" type is supported "single"


Sample Success Response:

    "success": true,
    "msg": "Syndication updated successfully",
    "data": {
        "syndication": [
                "id": "3ff6051659c6c48e28c50d1af5988e14",
                "rev": "1-ee0ca14fdc371b14e77a8b49a195da05"
        "sales_log": [
                "id": "c7956c87ac4c5046a9dfe5709fdca48b",
                "rev": "1-dc197ca45798dbfa06d67d4b25db9f22"

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