GET /v1/entity/search/what

HTTP Method: GET

Path: /v1/entity/search/what

Authentication: API Key required

Description: Perform a national search for entities by a supplied search phrase.


parameter type description required
what string The phrase to be searched for e.g. plumber yes
per_page integer The number of results to return per page. Default 10. no
page integer The page number of results to return. Default 1. no
country string The ISO country code of the country's entities to search e.g. ie for Eire yes
language string The ISO language code of the supplied 'what' e.g. en for English no

Pseudo Sample Response:

    "success": true,
    "msg": "ok",
    "data": {
        "total_rows": 265,
        "rows": [
                "id": "<entity_id>",
                "doc" : { }
              },              {

"id": "<entity_id>", "doc" : { } },








  • total_rows is the number of rows in the data set
  • <entity_id> is the number that uniquely identifies each entity
  • each "doc" is an entity, as described in the /v1/entity API call.

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