What data do we store in an entity?

An  entity can have some or all of the following data points (we call them objects):

Object Description
name   The name of the entity
invoice_address  The registered address of the entity
postal_address   The mailing address of the entity

 The phone numbers of the entity

status   Whether an entity is known to be active or inactive
geopoint   Lat/long coordinates of the Postal address
tag  Keywords that describe the entity's business activity
category  categories of business activity
fax  The fax number of the entity
employee  any known employees of the entity (e.g. Marketing Director or CEO)
website  Entity website URLs
video  links to any videos from the entity
email  entity emails
description  Descriptions of the entity
payment_type  Payments accepted by the entity
special_offer  Any special offers promoted by the entity
testimonial  Testimonials about the entity 
opening_times   Entity opening times
document  For example menus or other documents 
image  photos of the entity. We store four sizes of sides up to 1024px, up to 512px, up to 256px and up to 64px 
logo  logos of the entity We store three sizes of sides up to 300px, up to 200px, and up to 100px 
advertiser  If an entity is an advertiser
socialmedia  Social media accounts of the entity


If you want to know what attributes each object contains please use our documentation method via the IO Docs tool 

NOTE: All our assets (image, documents etc) are held in http://assets.centralindex.com


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