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IODocs is simplified API documentation which can make API requests within your browser. It allows you to try out your new API key without writing a single line of code.

Simply head over to our IODocs page with your API key and try out the Central Index API


  1. DennisLange2 years ago

    I'm italic text

  2. DevonPixels1 year ago

    is there a way to add this api to a wordpress based website?

  3. Unknown1 year ago

    Hi, We have some PHP libraries that are available here

    But let me know what you are trying to do? Perhaps we can help?

  4. DevonPixels1 year ago

    I have seen the php libraries, but to be honest I am not sure how to implement these.

    What I am hoping to do is create a Devon based directory on my wordpress based website, using the central index database.

    I am building-up a following on Devon Pixels of Local Businesses looking to promote their business for free, for which I offer a free guest blog which I share across multiple social media sites to keep the promotion of the article active.

    Local SEO is such an important factor, and I believe central Index is a massive part of local SEO, so I would love my visitors not only to be able to search the database, but also to add their business to the central index database.

    So to summarize, I would like a Devon based directory search on my website, that businesses could also add too. What I need to know is if this is possible to add to wordpress, and how I go about doing this.

    Many thanks

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